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How to update firmware on AT&T Samsung Captivate with USB Cable

How to update firmware on AT&T Samsung Captivate with USB Cable

To update the firmware on AT&T Samsung Captivate, jsut follow these steps below :
1. From your computer, download Kies Mini from here:

2. After download the update tool聽v11011-4 , follow the onscreen instructions to install it. Then an icon will be created on your PC desktop.
3. From your computer, click the desktop icon to launch Kies Mini. AT&T Samsung Captivate i897 info
4 . On your phone, from the Home screen, tap聽聽 鉃 Settings 鉃 Applications 鉃 USB settings 鉃 Kies (Firmware update).

5. Press聽 to return to the Home screen.
6. Make sure the battery is fully charged and connect your phone to the computer using the USB cable.The Kies Mini pop-up is displayed on your computer.
7. From your computer, click the Phone Upgrade button. Cautions and privacy notices regarding the update display.
8. If the computer displays a connection dialog box, close it.
9. Click on the I have read and understood the preceding information check box, then click Upgrade.The installation process begins.
10. When the installation process completes, click OK on the Result screen. The phone reboots and the upgrade screen closes. You can now disconnect and use the handset as normal. AT&T Cell Phone Problems and Solutions

Ok now, you can enjoy the new firmware on your phone. Hope this helps for you!

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  1. Thomas A. Susala
    December 4th, 2011 | 10:51 am

    This seems odd…I have a captivate that I purchased in Sept of 2010….In Feb of 2011 I upgraded to Froyo….I downloaded Kies Mini and followed your instructions. the Kies screen said that I had upgraded on 02/09/11 and my software is up to date…Now it’s time for the dumb question: Does that (Software is up to date) message mean that I cannot upgrade any further? Can I get gingerbread….do I have an “early build” handset that has limited upgrade capability?

    Thanx for your help

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