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Motorola VE75 gets detailed in pictures

We just peeped Linux momentum, Motorola ve75 short-term a week ago and kind-hearted people in China already loaded on its Web site to bursting with pictures from every angle. The site does not provide any new things, the nitty – gritty details, including a handful of the interface picture, if you leave out of […]

iphone news-iPhone apps pirated, shared -but not GPL’d

Seeing as Apple‘s FairPlay DRM has already been cracked for music and movies, it’s not at all surprising that people are starting to poke holes in the FairPlay-based iPhone App Store. The first loophole is pretty simple, since it doesn’t appear that FairPlay links the iPhone hardware to specific Apple IDs: just log into iTunes […]

Sidekick 2008 now available on eBay, too

It looks like those bummed they couldn’t snag that Sidekick 2008 (a.k.a. Gekko) that hit Craigslist earlier this month now have another shot at one, as an apparently non-prototype version of the device has just turned up on eBay — again, before one is actually available at a T-Mobile store. Currently, the bidding is topping […]

iPhone news-iPhone 3G accidentally snaps photo in factory, reveals long lost siblings

Unless you hit the prize, in an Apple store, you are not easy to see this many in one place iphone 3gs not planning meetup. As the story says: One, in particular, his wife picked up one of聽 Apple‘s latest mobile phones at home it began inspections in the matter. It is strange that the […]

Skyfire of Symbian now is in the testing phase

When Skyfire goes on聽 promising important things ahout the Windows Mobile front — a front which聽 as many high-quality browsers as it can get is needed锛 there is another testing phase which is in progress at the company for a S60 version of its Flash-enabled web viewer.Example for Opera Mini and Deepfish, Skyfire renders content […]

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