How to Screenshot Samsung S20

How to Screenshot Samsung S20

How to Screenshot Samsung S20 – The Samsung Galaxy S20 is the one that many parties covet. This 6.2-inch smartphone features a new 120 Hz screen that can make the movement of your cellphone smoother. How? It’s enough to tempt Samsung lovers right?

Especially for those who like photography, the main camera with a sensor of up to 108 MP and a zoom capability of up to 100x is indeed no joke.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 uses the Android 10.0 system combined with the One UI 2 interface, which has undergone several changes from the previous version.

One of the changes made by One UI 2 is in how to take screenshots or screenshots for this sophisticated cellphone.

There are various ways to take screenshots that are quite easy and more time-saving for you to choose.

How to Screenshot Samsung S20, S20 Plus dan S20 Ultra

Here are some ways to screenshot the Samsung Galaxy S20 that you can try. Several methods can also be applied on the Samsung A10 and A50.

1. Two Button Combinations

So this screenshot technique is commonly used. Only by combining two buttons and pressing it you can immediately capture the image you want:

  • Point the screen at the area you want to capture.
  • Then press and hold the volume down button and the power button simultaneously for 1-2 seconds
  • If the screen has flickered, that means you have successfully taken a screenshot
  • The screenshot results can be seen in the gallery menu or notification bar.

2. Palm Swipe / Hand Sweep

This second method will feel a little difficult when used if this is your first time trying it.

Previously you had to activate this feature first.

Open the Settings menu> Advance features> Motion and gesture> Palm swipe to capture.

You only need to slide the palm side across the screen from the left or right to take a screenshot.

  • Point the screen at the area you want to capture
  • Position your hands the way you want to shake hands. Then slide the hand side by touching the screen from left to right or vice versa
  • If you are still confused, please watch the video below:

3. Smart Capture for Taking Long Screenshots

This Samsung Galaxy S20 allows you to take screenshots of all pages from a web.

Initially it starts with taking a regular screenshot using a combination of knobs or palm swipes.

After the image is successfully captured, several options will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Select “scroll capture” and keep scrolling to the part of the screen you want.

Beforehand, make sure that you have activated this smart capture feature in the settings.

Open the Settings menu> Advanced Features> Screenshots and screen recorder> Screenshot toolbar.

  • Point the screen at the area you want to capture.
  • Screenshot by combining two buttons or palm swipe.
  • Select the scroll capture option that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Keep scrolling the screen until you get to the part you want.

4. Smart Select

How to Screenshot Samsung S20

This screenshot feature is an option when you only want to capture certain parts of your cellphone screen, so you don’t capture the full screen.

You can screenshot images in square or oval shapes, you can even make GIFs.

Activate this method in the settings first by opening the Settings menu> Display> Edge screen> Edge panels.

  • Point the screen at the area you want to capture.
  • Drag a black line from the side of the screen (right or left) according to the settings you made.
  • Select the Smart select option.
  • Select the shape you want to use for the screenshot (square, oval, or GIF).
  • Select the area you want to capture and press “Done”.

5. Bixby Voice

Bixby is Samsung’s digital assistant which is another alternative for taking screenshots or screenshots.

Activate the Bixby Voice feature first so you can recognize your voice.

Go to Bixby home> Settings> Voice wake-up.

When the Bixby Voice feature is active, you can take screenshots of the Samsung S20 using only voice commands.

  • Navigate to the screen that you want to capture
  • Say, “Hi Bixby” on your cell phone
  • Say, “Take a screenshot,” then the image you want has been captured

6. Google Assistant

screenshot samsung note 20 ultra

Similar to Bixby Voice, Google Assistant also allows you to take screenshots via voice commands.

Just say “OK Google,” followed by saying “Take screenchot,” that’s it.

  • Navigate on the screen you want to capture
  • Say, “Ok Google”.
  • Say, “Take screenshot”, or by typing commands using the keyboard only.

There are six ways you can choose how to Screenshot Samsung S20, S20 Ultra and S20 Plus. Just choose which one you think is easier and more efficient to use.