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Which AT&T phone is good, Samsung Galaxy note LTE i717 Vs Iphone 4S?

Which AT&T phone is good, Samsung Galaxy note LTE i717 Vs Iphone 4S?

Since the Samsung Galaxy note LTE i717 arrived at AT&T ,聽 it has maken a choose difficultity. Then which phone is good, the Samsung Galaxy note Vs Iphone 4S? Folowing is some reviews of my self, not comprehensive, don’t take a brick to hit me.

Samsung Galaxy NOTE聽 has a super large screen and a pen, therefore it feels very cool to read and browse web and play game on the galaxy note. But relatively speaking, it all depends on your own subjective feelings, after all, some people think the att galaxy note is too big, you can go to the store to make an entities feel. Secondly, the galaxy聽 NOTE鈥榮 battery life is powerful. Also the camera is good, although it is slightly inferior to iphone 4S. The Samsung galaxy note鈥檚 Hardware is just so. The other aspect is the difference of the phone鈥榮 system itself, we all know that now Andrews OS is quite stable, its preinstalled software and games is not more than Apple’s, but it is sufficient.

AT&T 4G smartphones – Samsung Galaxy note LTE i717聽 and Iphone 4S pics:

As for the Iphone 4S, its camera has an advantage, smooth system, but Apple’s synchronization is too much trouble, you have to put聽 something and installed software to in your phone through the synchronization of ITUNS. The IOS is not convenient compared to the Andrews system. Especially,聽 some software for ios is charged锛 and it is聽聽 too much trouble be jailbreaked.
Personally锛 Samsung galaxy note is suitalble for聽 a men,聽聽 good screen color, it is domineering to be holed銆 Iphone 4s is jsut for female.


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  1. Robert
    March 22nd, 2012 | 7:11 am

    Was this written by a large person? The spelling and grammar in this makes it inpossible to read and accept as a “real” review by a person….

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