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Upcoming New AT&T Android and Windows Phone Mango smartphones in October, Nov and December 2011

Upcoming New AT&T Android and Windows Phone Mango smartphones in October, Nov and December 2011

Recently one leaked screenshot  for AT&T roadmap shows some new Android and Windows Phone Mango smartphones coming out in October, November and December 2011, however,  we do not see iPhone 5 figure should be released in October.

According to the map, we clearly see the upcoming AT&T smartphones are mainly powered by Android and Windows Phone Mango 7.5 OS, also there are two blackberry devices running blackberry 7 OS. The general deatil about these new att smartphones are listeed in blow:

One new samsung phone runs Windows Phone 7.5 Mango named  Samsung Kupua i937, it is rumored may be the Mango version of Samsung GALAXY S II , and will come with a 512 of RAM, a 8.0 MP camera and 1650 mAh battery. AT&T will release the

And new device equied with Windows Phone Mango OS is from HTC, called HTC Bunyip, it is learned it will be another htc phone coming to AT&T, named HTC Eternity,  equipped with a 4.7-inch intelligent, its other known features is the same as Kupua i937, also it will come out in Q4 2011.

Samsung gidim i937, it is most probably the AT&T version of Samsung Galaxy s ii, euqiped with Android 2.3.3 OS, a 1025 of RAM at least, a 8.0 MP camera and as well as a 1065 mAh battery, it will be released in O3 2011. If it is att galaxy s ii, we will see it in October soon.

There are two new Pantech smartphones running Android 2.3.3 OS coming to AT&T  in Q4 2011, one is Pantech Nuli P9060, features 512 of RAM and a 5.0 MP camera. The other is Pantech Onza P7050, also  comes with 512 of RAM and a 3.0 MP camera.

In addtion, there another two android smartphones equiped with android 2.3.3 OS, one is Samsung Signa i777, designed with a large RAM, a 8.0 Camera and a 1500 mAh battery, it will be released in Q3 2011. The other device is from Huawei, named Jengu u8652 will available in Q4 2011. Moreover, one new motorola android phone working with android 23.4 OS will come to AT&T in Q4, too, called Motorola FUath MB85, it looks most likely att version of motorola droid bionic, features 1024 of RAM, a 8.0 MP camera and a 1785 mAh battery.

In addition to Android and Mango camp products, which also includes the BlackBerry Torch 9860 and BlackBerry 9360 two new blackberry smartphones running blackberry 7 OS.

Check more infor out from the leaed map blow:


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