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Tricks:Easily Track your Lost or stolen Nokia Lumia 900 phone for AT&T

Tricks:Easily Track your Lost or stolen Nokia Lumia 900 phone for AT&T

When you are not fortunately to lost your Nokia Lumia 900 phone for AT&T or make it stolen, what’s to be doen? Of course, firstly you need to try to locate your handset, If there is any hope to find it, then you can track it to try to erase the phone, protecting all of your personal data. How to do this? Just follow the easily steps below.

As we known, the Lumia 900 is a Windows Phone device and has technology on board that makes it easy to track down if it ever being lost.

  1. On your PC, laptop or tablet, direct your browser to
  2. Click 鈥楳y Phone鈥
  3. Click 鈥楩ind my phone鈥
  4. The site will now search for your device and present you with a real-time view of its location, which you can then give to the police or if it鈥檚 somewhat familiar you can even head there yourself to grab it
  5. If it flags up as at home, or somewhere else nearby you can trigger the 鈥楻ing鈥 option, which will allow you to dig it out from behind the couch or wherever else it鈥檚 ended up
  6. If, however, it鈥檚 in an inaccessible place or you鈥檙e concerned that your personal information may be at risk. In worse case,聽 you can hit the 鈥楨rase鈥 option, which will wipe the device, and save you the serious headache of having your identity stolen.

That’s all, hopefuly this way works for you.聽

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