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Review for AT&T Lg Neon GT365

Posted in: AT&T Cell phone Reviews,New AT&T Cell phonesJune 7, 2009
Review for AT&T Lg Neon GT365

Review for AT&T Lg Neon GT365

AT&T Lg Neon GT365 Reviews: The lg neon GT365 for AT&T is a pretty and lovely  slider, it has good soud quality, and  come with a nice touchscreen wit 2.4 inch display, which is make it easy to text, but there are some users say you’ll find the keypad is superfluous with touchscreen. AT&T Cell phone Reviews

In addtion, the Lg Neon offers a great 2.0. MP camera,but not good compared to some of the phones that are out. The contact pictures are very tricky and trying to edit pictures can take forever and there are a lot of mistakes with the camera features. MORE GLITCHES.

New AT&T Cell phonesAT&T Lg Neon GT365 In Aqua Blue Photos:


Overall the LG neon is time consuming, very cheap and not well built. I say its not worth your money, although it is one of the cheaper phones out in the market today.

If you’re still determined to get one, don’t pay over $50 because I think that is the real value of it.

New AT&T Cell phonesAT&T Lg Neon GT365 In Aqua Blue Photos:


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  • I had this phone for about a month, work great since then. I never dropped this phone not once since then and all today it just said service detached at first i thought it just meant i had no singal, but it went on throught out the day. I was fustrated, the back is so hard to get off the only way to get it off is if you dropped it and to top it all off the phone won’t let you turn it off. I am so glad i got the warranty for it. And when you call somebody it won’t ring till like thirty seconds later. Plus when you slide it, the screen because all messed up. This phone is not worth it. It just another crappy phone.

    Comment by Penny — July 27, 2011

  • Ok.. Well I’m about to get this phone. It looks nice. It has to be better than my samsung a177 bc my phone is crappy. I had it for two years and it was good for a little while but now it’s too old. Hopefully when I get the neon it will work better.

    Comment by Carrisa — August 21, 2011

  • I like the phone, for the most part. Really my only problem with it, is the #s on the keypad numbers and functions are impossible to see; plus the numbers on the keypad aren’t in the typical phone fashion (1-2-3 /4-5-6 /7-8-9 /*0#) — the LG’s numbers are like this: 1-2-3-* /4-5-6-0 /7-8-9# .

    However, there is a touch screen keypad you can use when the slider is closed, that’s nice. But when the call goes through, you have to use the keypad to punch in any password numbers, etc.

    Another issue I just discovered: when I’m on a call and have to enter a password (using the function numbers from the keypad), they very often don’t translate well, and I have to re-enter them several times. Frustrating.

    Nice ring tones, the camera is fair, allows a good amount of customization of quick keys /ring tones, etc, and has a lock feature so you don’t make calls from your pocket. :)

    Comment by Larry — December 9, 2011

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