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New Carrier Mobile Zer01 Competing with AT&T Via Voip

New Carrier Mobile Zer01 Competing with AT&T Via Voip

A new mobile carrier called Zer01 provides unlimited voice and data for $70 per month on unlocked smart phones for its customers. And Zer01 Mobile has a roaming agreement with AT&T, but uses its own IP.AT&T Cell phone news

Compared the AT&T’s data network wiht聽 Zer01’s proprietary VoIP technology.聽 When 3G is unavailable the VoIP application is able to work seamlessly over AT&T’s GPRS and EDGE networks . Now it works with Windows Mobile 6, but Zer01 plans to offer its service to the Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Java platforms. Because of the agreements Zer01 has with AT&T, users need not fear exceeding the 5GB cap that AT&T has on data plans. Zer01 does not require contracts, and the service works month-to-month. The company will launch a closed beta in April 1th, and set a full release date in the future.

It’s聽 obviously the Zer01 is聽 going to compete聽 with AT&T Via Voip, I think the Zer01 Voip will be Piggybacks On AT&T聽 and it’ll be a fashion application on mobile. What’ do you think?

Source:聽 PC Mag

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