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How to transfer pictures or videos between at&t samsung impression and PC

Posted in: AT&T Samsung Impression info,New AT&T Cell phonesApril 13, 2009
How to transfer pictures or videos between at&t samsung impression and PC

How to transfer pictures or videos between at&t samsung impression and PC

There are three methods to transfer pictures or videos between AT&T Samsung Impression a877 phone and  your PC. Today We’ll introduce the  first method to you-  transfering pictures ,mp3  and videos via PC Studio3. AT&T Samsung Impression info

1).Via PC Studio 3

Preparations: Download the Pc Studio 3 [link ] and  buy one usb cable compatible with samsung impression

To transfer Picture/Video files, using PC Studio 3 & a USB cable, to a PC follow the steps below:
1. From the standby screen, insure that the USB mode setting is set to either PC Studio or Ask on Connection

  • For instructions on changing the USB mode setting.

2. Connect the USB cable to both the phone’s Power/Accessory Interface connector & the PC’s USB slot

  • When successfully connected, the phone will show the connected icon  on the top of the display

3. If prompted, Select the PC Studio USB setting
4. From the PC Studio media manager screen, click on the AT&T samsung A877 icon  , located in the top right corner
5. From the phone explorer screen (See image below) double click on the Pictures or Videos folder (Internal Memory)

6. Click on the Photo/Video file (For multiple files hold down the Ctrl key) to highlight
7. Right click then click either Copy or Cut (Ctrl C or Ctrl X)
8. Double click on the media manager My Computer icon, located in the top left corner
9. From the My Computer screen, open the destination location
10. Right click in the box then click Paste (Ctrl V) to copy the Photo/Video file(s) from the SGH-A877 (Impression) handset to PC
11. After the file transfer is completed it will be safe to remove the USB data cable from both the handset & PC-

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We’ll in itroduce the other two ways in next articles, including Via Memory Card and Via Bluetooth, stay tuned for update.

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    Comment by Cowboys — July 1, 2011

  • I had to download the PC studio thing, and now when I plug my phone in, it won’t show up anymore. I can’t find it anywhere on the computer. UGHHHH!!

    Comment by Me — July 26, 2011

  • My screen decided to not work, Its black and it dosent respond to touch. I forgot to transfer photos to my SD card, seeing as I didnt expect this shit phone to crash this badly, but Im not surprised. This phone has a great shell, keyboard, feel, and look, but itll screw you over faster then you can say Verizon.

    Comment by Peice of shit. — August 13, 2011

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