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How to set individual custom ringtones on att lg prime

Posted in: AT&T Cell Phone Problems and Solutions,AT&T LG Prime GS390 inforAugust 1, 2011
How to set individual custom ringtones on att lg prime

How to set individual custom ringtones on att lg prime

Today I success to set some of my favourite music songs as an  individual  ringtones on my lg prime gophone for AT&T, you may be wonding how I do this, actually, the steps are very simple, now I shared the method here with you, hope this will help you! AT&T LG Prime GS390 infor

Note: mid, wav, mp3, aac, imy files under 300 kb can be set as ringtone.

Steps 1. put or copy the music from your PC to att Lg prime cell phone, learn the method here:

Steps 2: After sync the ringtones from your PC to LG Prime, Then on the phones home screen: Hit bottom right settings icon.

Steps 3. Press “my stuff” iccon.

Steps 4. Choose “audio” to  Select the downloaded ring tone and tap it

Steps 5. On the top right of the screen you will see an “options” icon, tap it and select “use as”.

This method above is to teach us how to assign a short mp3 file as a default ring tone on Lg prime.

How to Assign a ringtone to a specific contact on lg prime

1. Press Contacts icon on homescreen or tap on Contacts application from the Applications

2. Tray Press the specific contact Press the menu key Touch Edit.

3. Clear keyboard with Back key.

4. Scroll down and Press.

5. at end of Additional info to open more options Touch V (down) icon next to Ringtone.

6. Choose a Phone ringtone from the list and tap OK to set. AT&T Cell Phone Problems and Solutions

7. Press Save to save to contact. Personalized ringtone will appear in contact info screen.

Good luck hope thisworks for you!

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  • Please do a better job at explaining how to do this, these instructions make no sense whats so ever.
    Try to make your instructions a little more clear.

    Comment by Carlos — November 4, 2011

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