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How To reset The Password For The AT&T Quickfire

Posted in: AT&T Quickfire infoMay 14, 2009
How To reset The Password For The AT&T Quickfire

How To reset The Password For The AT&T Quickfire

Q: How  do I  reset the password for  the at&t quickfire if the  password is  forgotten? AT&T Quickfire info

A: There are two methods:

1. Soft reset :
To soft reset the quickfire phone, remove and re-insert the battery.

2.  Master reset

IMPORTANT: The  quickfire will be set back to factory settings; all data stored on the device will be lost.

1) From the standby screen, tap the Menu icon.

2) Scroll to and select Settings.

3) Scroll to and select Security.

4) Scroll to and select Master Reset.

5) Select Yes.

6) Enter password, press Done. AT&T cell phone Questions&Answers
NOTE: Default password is 0000.

7) The device will perform the reset and reboot.
NOTE: The device will automatically reset and may not function for up to 15 minutes following the master reset

Hope it works for you!

Source: AT&T Official

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  • How can you get into the settings when you don’t have the password ?

    Comment by qtouch — August 16, 2009

  • go to unlock it first

    Comment by AT&T Cell Phones — August 17, 2009

  • Go to AT&T Service center to ask for reset th password

    Comment by AT&T Cell Phones — August 17, 2009

  • how can i do a master reset if i dont kno the password to my quickfire…

    Comment by bob69 — October 30, 2009

  • One more time… If you forgot the password there is no way to get into the phone to get to settings. Is there a code somehow to master Reset it by not getting into the settings? Or an outside button? Or are u saying the phone is forever useless if u don’t know the password to turn it on? I work for AT&T I know all phones ussualy have a limit of entering in a wrong password and then it resets itself. Does this phone have that. I can’t seem to do it wrong enoughf. Please someone answer this question. U keep coming back with menu- settings but that is not possible for us to get to that point.


    Comment by Carlyl — November 19, 2009

  • And by the way I work in the stores we don’t have the magic answer. I’m trying to find out for a customer.

    Comment by Carlyl — November 19, 2009

  • ok….i put the password in (wrong) enough times…now it says “Invalid SIM” and won’t let me do nything at all…please help me.

    Comment by sam — December 6, 2009

  • is there a number i can call for help??

    Comment by sam — December 6, 2009

  • hey, i tried to put a password on my phone so i went to settings, change password and i put in my new password. but it said put new password i did, then vertify password, i did. lastly it said current password but i dont have a current password and when i put the default password it didnt work. i tried calling the service but they said i had to call the company that made the phone. i just need to put a password i tried to master reset it but it needed a password that i didnt have. i dont know what to do.

    Comment by lisette — January 9, 2010

  • my phone getts txts but every one says unknown and it wnt let me reply, even moms and dads txts show unknown. this phone is slow, boring and, not worth getting.

    Comment by Draven — February 8, 2010

  • Having exact same problem as Carlyl. Im guessing no one can answer this question. You would think there would be a default code.

    Comment by tone p — March 19, 2010

  • Also having forgotten password/master reset issues. The issue is it appears impossible.

    Comment by Melissa M. — April 22, 2010


    Comment by ABU — August 21, 2010

  • dang no answer for my question

    Comment by ken — September 5, 2010

  • Did any one ever find out how to get unlock the quickfire when you have forgotten your password?

    Comment by Cheryl — February 3, 2011

  • i was told the default code was 0x8 didnt wrk for me!

    Comment by Cheryl — February 3, 2011

  • i have my phone quickfire . i weal lancement .send me the or move these rest please.ok

    Comment by junel — September 3, 2011

  • mine to havin same problem.i thought i did nt set password bt i cant lock my phone as there is already password n i dn khow wt password.where is the answer to solve this problem???

    Comment by kamana — January 29, 2012

  • opps!! luckly i did.guyz the default password is 0000.u can change unknown password wid default password 0000 i.e u can reset the password.hope this help.

    Comment by kamana — January 29, 2012

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