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How to record phone calls on AT&T Lg eXpo

How to record phone calls on AT&T Lg eXpo

Here is the trick to leak you how to record phone calls on AT&T Lg eXpo, I have tested this method on my lg expo phone, it works fine. I guess you may be interested in it, so I share the software and way here with you, hopefully this helps you!


1. Download the program named ACR from XDA[Download link].聽 ACR (automatic call recorder) automatically records calls, and has options to record only incoming, only outgoing, or both. AT&T Cell phone Software

Note: these programs requires .NET Compact Framework 3.5 Redistributable to work.

2. Install the program

3. Then go to your lg expo phone to activate it

Note: These applications are not legal in all countries/states, so you must check whether it is legal in your country to use the software, in case of getting into serious trouble.

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