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How to get rooted AT&T Lg Thrive P506

Posted in: AT&T Cell phone newsFebruary 22, 2012
How to get rooted AT&T Lg Thrive P506

How to get rooted AT&T Lg Thrive P506

Lg Thrive P506 is an android smartphone for AT&T, overall, it is an baisic android devices, you may feel it is not so wonderful, then you can root or flash recovery the Lg Thrive, later you can use some setting and apps previousy being disabled.
Here is the Lg Thrive Root detailed tutorial.

Note: 1. This process is risks, so you must bear any  bad condition. I’m not reliable.

2. USB debugging  and an SD card inserted on your LG Thrive.

Ok, now start. Steps of How to root lg Thrive . AT&T Cell Phone Problems and Solutions

1) Enable unknown sources.
Problem: The checkbox doesn’t appear in Settings->Application->Development
Solution: Enter the secret menu (dial 3845#*506#); next to last is the option “Unknow Sources Test” (sic). There you can tick the Unknown Sources checkbox.
2) Make sure USB debugging is enabled
– Make sure you have an SD card (formatted and) inserted
3) Download and install Gingerbreak 1.2
a. Open the APK, press the root button
b. Wait a few minutes. If there are no problems, the device will reboot (note that the reboot itself can take like 10 minutes due to cache wipe)
c. Make sure the Superuser app is install and working
4) Download Titanium backup from the market and backup everything

NEXT -Trick For Installing Tethering APP
(you wont be able to do this with the sim card in -need wireless connection)

1) Take Sim Card out of the phone,put battery back in and turn back on.(keep sim out)
2) Turn on Wireless connection to phone
3) Go to the android market, and search for “wireless tether for root users”
4) Download and install.Then power off,put sim card back in,and reboot!

Note: You can easily install the Amazon App Store, and download a free app. If you have success to root your lg thrive phone, then you phone will be resart, then enter the application, you can see the authorization management. It means the superuser icon installed and you are able to run the super user then you are rooted. AT&T Android Phones

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