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How to get a cell phone with no i.d,no passport, and no credit card

I thought there woule be many people want to know the answer.But before i didn’t know so that i did’t get聽 cell phone with no i.d,no passport, and no credit card.Today i get the answer from my one friend,i share it to more friend,i hope it’s useful for you.

My friend said that you need do like following steps:

Go into Wal-Mart or another store that carries these phones (Virgin Mobile鈥檚 website gave a listing of local stores which carried their phones). Most places carry a phone that costs $20 or $30 bucks but you can buy one with a built in camera for around $50 on the website. Buy a top-up card for $50.00 so that you can later put money on the phone (this is a necessary step but money can also be added to the phone via the website using a debit card). Now you need to turn on the phone and go through the necessary steps for activating the phone (activation is free). Note: it is not necessary to visit the website to use this phone, but it does make things simpler.

After activating you need to add money to the phone

My friend uses top up cards to put money on the phone. The phone has easy to follow instructions for adding the dollar amount of the top card onto the phone. After you add the top up card to the phone your account info on the phone and on your account via website will show the dollar amount. Now you need to buy a plan or a minute pack. If you talk mostly during the daytime hours then your best bet is probably the minute pack. After you put $50.00 on your Virgin Mobile phone you can select the option to buy a minute pack. Failure to choose a plan or buy a minute pack will result in you paying 20 cents a minute. However, you can use the $50.00 you鈥檝e added to your Virgin phone to purchase a 1000 minute pack. This means you end up paying 5 cents a minute. Once you select the 1000 minute pack your $50.00 will no longer be visible but your 1,000 minutes will. Now you鈥檙e on a minute pack.

You can also select to buy a 鈥榩lan鈥 of which there are five options. My friend selected the $49.99 plan because it comes with 400 daytime minutes but also free nights and weekends. You use the 400 anytime minutes during the day and at night and on the weekends you pay nothing. What鈥檚 great about these phones is that you can clearly see how much you are spending. It鈥檚 a great way to keep tabs on how much you are spending and encourages you to be conservative since you鈥檙e paying up front.

You can also purchase unlimited text messaging, photo messaging, and even email for $10.00 a month. Just remember that the money you add to the phone is used to purchase plans and minutes – not be used at 20 cents a minute

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