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How to download and install the NoDo WP7 Update

Posted in: AT&T Cell Phone Problems and SolutionsApril 17, 2011
How to download and install the NoDo WP7 Update

How to download and install the NoDo WP7 Update

We have known that the NoDo WP7 Update is coming out soon, here we share the most simple way to download and install the NoDo update for AT&T window Mobile 7 phones. It is said there are two steps are required for getting the update, Users must first install the pre-update for NoDo and then the NoDo update using the Zune software there. AT&T Cell Phone Problems and Solutions

In addtion, it is confirmed that there are some anvanced unique features included in the update for AT&T branded handsets( Lg quantum, Samsung Focus, HTC Surround and so on.), such as the copy and paste as well as some unidentified features.

Well, just do exactly as the steps below:

1. Install the Windows Phone Support Tools,which comes from Microsoft.[Download]

2. Run the ChevronWp7.Updater, then link your Window phone with PC

3. After Downloading the NoDo Update,your Windows Phone will reset automatically.

4. Wait less than 10 minutes, the update will be successful, Windows Phone will be automatically restart again.

Note: If you are success to upgrade your handsets,  you can find the updated version in the Zune software
The Specific version number as follows:
pre-NoDo (7008)
NoDo (7355)
NoDo update 1 (7389)
NoDo update 2 (7390)

Hope this helps!

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