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How to delete or remove contacts on AT&T Motorola Tundra

How to delete or remove contacts on AT&T Motorola Tundra

You can delete the unwanted contacts on AT&T Motorola Tundra, here is the insctructions for you, just folow the steps below:
Delete one or more contacts from your address book:
Go to menu>pressAddress Book, scroll to the contact, press Options > Delete, press s to select the current contact, press Yes to confirm deletion

To delete multiple contacts:

press Options > Delete > Multiple Contacts (instead of the current contact).

Note:You can’t remove the pre-load聽AT&T service contacts in the addressbook on Motorola Tundra, as it is save in the phone, but not in the SD card. AT&T Cell Phone Problems and Solutions

However, you can try creating a new contact list then place all those AT&T contacts into that list, have it聽separate聽from your personal contact list. This is a simple work around until we find out how to edit them out of the phone. It seems that this is an old problem since 2009, but Neither AT&T nor motorola has released one fireware update to solve this problem so far, and it appears that they won’t do it. So we have to stand this. Ehjoy!


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