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How to Change the Wallpaper and the background image or color for the AT&T LG Quantum C900

How to Change the Wallpaper and the background image or color for the AT&T LG Quantum C900

This is the Instructions about How to Change the Wallpaper聽 and the background image or colorfor the AT&T LG Quantum C900, just do exactly as the steps bleow”

NOTE: Changing the wallpaper only affects the lock screen. The Start screen background can be switched between black and white by tapping Settings > Theme. AT&T Cell Phone Problems and Solutions

  1. From the Start screen, slide to the App menu, or tap .
  2. Flick to and tap Settings.

  3. Flick to and tap Lock & wallpaper.
  4. Tap Change wallpaper.
  5. Tap the desired image collection:

    • Camera roll:聽Display images that have been聽captured with the device’s camera.
    • Saved pictures: Display聽all images that have been saved as e-mail or message attachments.
    • Wallpapers: Display all built-in wallpapers
    • 7: Display all default Windows Phone 7 promotional images.
  6. Flick to and tap the desired image.
  7. Drag and stretch or shrink the image into position, and then tap .
  8. The selected wallpaper will now be displayed on the lock screen.


Change the background image or color:

Only two solid colors can be set as the background of your phone; these colors are dark (black) and light (white).聽 You may also change the color of the tiles presented on your start screen.

To modify the colors go to 鈥楽ettings鈥 from you main application list (swipe right to left from the start screen).聽 Once in 鈥楽ettings鈥 select 鈥楾heme鈥 from here you can modify 鈥楤ackground鈥 (the background color) and 鈥楢ccent color鈥 (the tile color).


Enjoy! Source from and lg

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