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AT&T’s improved PTT Serive will be enabled in November

AT&T’s improved PTT Serive will be enabled in November

In June, AT&T officially launched the’enhanced push to talk’ service and said the new plan will be released in late 2012. According to the latest news, AT&T spokesperson Mari Melguiz disclosed that AT&T will enable the its enhanced push-to-talk service in November of this year on BlackBerry smartphones and a mix of  Android models running 2.3 or higher, BlackBerry 7 models and those phones that will be running on Windows Phone 8. Especially, Certain featurephones will be able to access the service using Java, although those devices won’t have all of the features that smartphone users will have. Besides handsets, those using tablets, laptops and in-vehicle devices can use the service This function of service is similar to the walkie-talkie, it will use the VoIP technology, it is said it will allegedly spend users about $30 per month. However, there is no still a specfic release date

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