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AT&T Sonim XP3.2 Quest Pro – New Unlocked ATT phone

AT&T Sonim XP3.2 Quest Pro – New Unlocked ATT phone

The Sonim XP3.2 Quest Pro was introduced by Sonim at CES 2010, it is boasted as the toughest phone available with an IP67 rating, and will come to both AT&T and T-mobile immediately. The New AT&T Cell phones –聽 AT&T XP3.2 Quest Pro is a rugged handset, obviously it enables to be dustproof and waterproof, and it comes with a scratch and smash resistant Gorilla Glass Lens that protect its display. Also MIL-810G has certified for us the Quest Pro has a resistance to shock, humidity, heat and salt.

Of course, the XP3.2 Quest Pro also supports some other cool features, including GPS, push-to-talk, FM radio, Opera Mini, SonimMail, Bluetooth, Java applications, MicroSD card slot (up to 2GB), 2MP camera, flashlight, and a battery that can provide up to 18 hours of talk-time. How Cool!

Lastly I want to notice everyone, the XP3.2 is a unlocked phone, you can buy it via ATT or Tmobile’s business partner sales channels, Amazon, BestBuy, and several rural carriers, such ast Centennial Wireless and Cincinnati Bell and so on. Sadly there is no word on when the Sonim XP3.2 Quest Pro will be available, but it will be priced at $499 with聽 3-yr 鈥渦nconditional鈥 guarantee.

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  1. Robert
    January 21st, 2010 | 11:29 am

    Phone’s ruggedness is beyond incredible. However, it support a MEASLY 2GB memory card (why not 16 or 32GB? business people carry lots of data), has no WiFi (hello this is 2010!), no 3G capability (ok I can get over that as long as it has edge) but still it should have it as the battery can more then meet the challenge. Out of these three gripes, I am really unhappy with the limited memory…and perhaps lack of WiFi for a world-phone. I can put up with a small screen and lack of 3G/4G.

    WE WANT 32GB OF MEMORY SUPPORT…AND WIFI SONIM TECH!!! We’ll pay for it…no problem =) But we want it =) 2GB is so 90’s =P

  2. mohammed
    January 15th, 2011 | 4:43 pm

    Hi I would like to bay the xp3.2 pro quest phone from your company. Also please could you e-mail me your contact and your phone number then I can call you to ask some questions about the phone and the payment. Thank you.

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