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AT&T Samsung Solstice user manual Download

Posted in: New AT&T Cell phonesAugust 5, 2009
AT&T Samsung Solstice user manual Download

AT&T Samsung Solstice user manual Download

The Samsung Solstice from AT&T is an amazing phone, so if you are not certain you are able to operate it correctly, you had better download one user manual for AT&T Samsung Solstice, then to run your device to follow the manual. Don’t have Samsung Solstice user manual? It doesn’t matter, here we just share one download link for you.

AT&T Samsung Solstice user manual Download:

Samsung Solstice user manual In English:



Samsung Solstice user manual In Spanish:



Ps:  Samsung Solstice Free Software-PC Studio Download
Enjoy !

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  • why does my samsung keep turning off on its own?

    Comment by francisco — February 5, 2011

  • hey does anyone know how to replace the touchscreen on the solstice i’ve had mine a while and love it my screen is so scratched it wont work now i orderd a new screen for it just want to make sure that i change it right and dont mess it up any helpfull info?

    Comment by stacy — February 11, 2011

  • My question concerns voicemail….. I can access it without any trouble, but when the message is done, I’m given instructions on saving, deleting, etc., however; I haven’t found a way to access the keyboard to enter any numbers ….I generally just disconnect from voicemail. I have no idea whether the voicemails are being saved, deleted or what ……I haven’t found any solutions to this anywhere. Anyone figured out how to do it yet ??

    Comment by oldvetbiker — February 11, 2011

  • My phone was working fine until one day I wanted to make a phone call, but I couldn’t because it said emergency calls only. I turned off the phone and it won’t turn back on and the charger won’t charge it. Help! I don’t know what to to and I know it’s not dead

    Comment by Clarissa — February 15, 2011

  • I see the same post over and over and over… Here’s some helpful information.

    5. IF YOU ARE TOO LAZY TO DO ANY OF THE FIRST FOUR ITEMS… Put the phone back in the box and send it back to wherever you bought it.

    And, no, I don’t work for AT&T or any other carrier. I just happen to work with phones on daily basis at my job and I have COMMON SENSE.

    Oh, and by the way GHEY and GAY mean the same thing… and they are both offensive. Changing the spelling does not change the negative way you use it. Learn some other adjectives for the things you don’t like.

    Comment by wow — February 16, 2011

  • dear att.
    what does it mean to have a text message downloading at the top of your screen but it never download>?ive had this text message display on my fone for 2 days and it says its still downloading.reply asap

    Comment by chris — February 24, 2011

  • started this past monday morning a friend and i were txting and then all of a sudden he can no longer receive my text messages. i try to send a text and the phone will say “sent” but he never gets them, this is really inconvenient and frustrating, and yet i can call him and he can call me and i still receive his texts, and its only happening to his number. has this ever happened to anyone else and can anyone help????

    Comment by becky — February 24, 2011

  • I totally agree with #9’s Post from Debra about the “no event” on display screen. I have went through every menu and options displays on the phone and fixing to pull my hair out. Even moving it around or out the way takes up nearly 1/4 of the screen. I would be glad when this annoying bar goes away for good.

    Answers?…anyone…..Please =)

    Comment by Lydia — February 26, 2011

  • how can i change my messaging tone on this phone?

    Comment by garlan — March 23, 2011

  • does anyone think the solstice II is slow on the internet ? Had a lg vue before this phone and it was a lot faster. WTF ??

    Comment by LG — April 27, 2011

  • The phone continuously beeps at me while I’m on a call, which is really annoying. It’s not alerting me of an incoming call or anything, so how do i stop it?

    Comment by jenny — May 5, 2011

  • I have a Samsung Solstice. When I attend webmeetings I want to mute the mic on my cell because I’ve been told that my cheek makes a lot of noise rubbing against the phone. Is there a way to mute the mic?

    Comment by Darrius B. — May 12, 2011

  • My Samsung Solstice 2 keeps randomly turning off on me, especially when I am texting. And then it says its “initializing” every time I try to open my messages or contacts for way too long. I JUST got this phone. Does anyone know whats wrong with it, and maybe how I can fix it?

    Comment by Daneli — June 5, 2011

  • How do i change the signature for m text

    Comment by chris — June 22, 2011

  • I was gifted this Samsung A887 a few weeks ago and im still stumped on how to get the settings rite to get the internet working!!! Ahhhhh this is the hardest phone i have ever come across to set up:( I keep reading stuff on the net about needing a data plan? Im from New Zealand and I don’t think we even have data plans here! Im pre pay…isn’t that the same thing? I’m Telecom xt so i called them and asked if they could help but they said no….the phone i was calling from wasn’t on the frequency they have??? So what do i do now? Please can sum1 just help me set the internet up!!!

    Comment by traci — June 26, 2011

  • I LOVE this phone. It took me about 2 months to figure out how to use everything but I love it 😀

    Comment by loveeeiiittt — July 5, 2011

  • how do u get the back of the phone OFF to get to ur SIM CARD..its like flipping impossible

    Comment by paige — July 7, 2011


    Comment by paige — July 7, 2011

  • How do you get the pictures to stop floppong when the phone is tilted when in landscape mode?????

    Comment by Taylor — July 13, 2011

  • What is the password to restore my att samsung solstice?

    Comment by madhuri — August 31, 2011

  • What I have to do if my samsun solstice cant send text massage and cant access and save contacts?? Always says that is initializing

    Comment by estrelladelmar — September 10, 2011

  • My two week old Solstice 2’s screen icons ( menu, contacts, and one more) have disappeared and are now just 7 dots (2 rows of 3 dots with 1 dot above those). Can’t hit those dots and get to the menu. Have no idea what happened or how to get to the menu at this point. Got any ideas?

    Comment by Doug — September 17, 2011

  • i can hear people perfectly during a call, but they cant hear me !!! How do i fix this problem?

    Comment by Michelle — October 25, 2011

  • How do I send pictures from phone 877 to micodisk ?

    Comment by charlie — November 3, 2011

  • As to the wallpaper question, take a picture and make it your wallpaper.
    I shot a picture of a black t-shirt in low light to create a black field. Any pic
    shot or imported will do.

    Comment by gah — November 6, 2011

  • I want to restore my phone, because it takes hours for me to recieve a text message. But I forgot the password required to do it. Any help?

    Comment by Lindsey — June 6, 2012

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