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AT&T Samsung Solstice Tricks – Get Master Code

Posted in: AT&T Cell Phone Problems and SolutionsSeptember 11, 2009
AT&T Samsung Solstice Tricks – Get Master Code

AT&T Samsung Solstice Tricks – Get Master Code

Many uers are agonized  for unknowing  how to get Master key for AT&T samsung Solstice. Astually, Samsung hid it pretty good. If you master the tricks, you can get the code easily. One user named Agoattamer has just  discovered the master key to the Eternity from Impression forums,which happens to also work on the Impression and Solstice.
To get the master code for Samsung Solstice following the steps below:
1. To get to the main service menu, enter: *#6984125*# (note, there are at least two codes that will get you here)
2.. Hit “internals” AT&T cell phone Questions&Answers
3. When prompted for the master key, enter *#3818790*#

New at&t phones 2009AT&T Cell Phone Pictures AT&T Samsung Solstice cell phone photo:


Note: I cant stress enough though how dangerous it is to mess around in these menus, however. You can totally screw up your phone. There is a reason it took 5 months after the release of the impression and much longer than that after the release of the eternity for the code to be found. DO NOT mess around with ANY settings unless you know what you are doing.

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  • […] that you can get the master code[get here] for AT&T samsung solstice, then you can remove/delete the locked applications on the […]

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  • What if I want to call the customer service of AT7T, do they have a copy of that code under my account?

    Comment by hdvideoreviews — September 21, 2009

  • how reliable is this? has anyone done it succesfully and can prove it works? This sounds very dangerous, like it could ruin your phone. But it also sounds really incredible, like it’d give you the power to change anything.

    Comment by NewOwner — November 29, 2009

  • I was wondering if its possible to change the “lock” screensaver pictures and the procedure to do so.

    I tried to look online for some tips but my eyes have crossed.

    I’d really appreciate it..

    Thank you!!

    Comment by SammyT — December 7, 2009

  • I was also hoping there was a way to change the lock screen / locked images with these settings. Anyone had success with that?

    Comment by MGaddis — December 14, 2009

  • It didn’t work for me. The code you’re supposed to enter in the main service area nor the master code, which I entered in the main service area since the first code didn’t work. Oh well…

    Comment by Josh — January 2, 2010

  • how to get unlock code of solstice for (FREE)..

    Comment by ivan — January 7, 2010

  • The code worked on my Solstice BUT the screensaver settings are not in Internals. I believe those settings are in the pre-configuration section of the menu that you enter with the first code… And i tried but one cant access other sections with the code for Internals.. so im risking my brand new phone and i still have those horrible screensavers.. Help!!

    Comment by Paula — January 9, 2010

  • f*ck those stupid screensavers! This is the worst thing about this other wise decent fone.
    If someone figures out how to get rid of them, please post it.

    Comment by d — January 15, 2010

  • actually no its configured and hardwired into the phone it a unchageable lock menu

    Comment by alec — January 25, 2010

  • codgo de desbloqueio samsung pode ser usado os seguintes

    e confirma facl facil

    Comment by host sever 1 — March 24, 2010

  • qulquer duvida

    orkut ->

    Comment by host sever 1 — March 24, 2010

  • I lock my phone and it say i got to have 4 – 8 letters as my code and i dont know i have look everywhere for a code cn someone please help :)

    Comment by leeann — April 24, 2010

  • Did you set the lock code for your samsun Slostice? The phone lock code is the user-defined password from the above solution; there is no default.

    Comment by AT&T Cell Phones — April 25, 2010

  • what is the operators code for the samsung solstice? i want to get rid of those dumb screensavers

    Comment by lpwrestler — April 25, 2010

  • I asso want to know, but it seems that AT&T won’t offer it for us

    Comment by AT&T Cell Phones — April 26, 2010

  • Ya, those cartoony screensavers blow . Make them go away

    Comment by Mike — May 4, 2010

  • Tengo un celular de la marca SAMSUNG el cual es americano de la compañia AT&T modelo SGH-A127 el cual quisiera desbloquear para usar el chip de TELCEL en Mexico.
    Necesito saber si ustedes tienen algun procedimiento para llevar a cabo el desbloqueo con algunos codigos.

    En espera de una respuesta Gracias.


    Comment by Jose Angel Hernandez — May 7, 2010

  • ok, i got till step three…everthing worked, but i still cant figure out my unlock code…still i switched it off and tried to use another sim…i got a message that the sim was not valid n i’d have to key in the password(?) n i get ten chances…or somethings gonna happen:(
    i’d appreciate it if u could tell me what to do after step 3…i’m not using it now, coz i might screw up my phone…ihanks in advance

    Comment by knite — May 14, 2010

  • if you call at&t and they dont give you the unlock code, just try to call them agaian and talk to someone else, it might work :)

    Comment by heloisa — June 29, 2010

  • ok. found ATT solstice…no sim card. It is locked with the password. Any idea how to bypass the password/reset the phone?

    Comment by Rose — July 12, 2010

  • in the option pre-configuration you have to put: *#73561*# as operator code, but in my case only shows “deafult”
    anyone knows how to get a different pre-configuration (maybe one clean of the att stuff)?

    Comment by Juan — September 10, 2010

  • it worked me me! so neat!

    Comment by joney — September 11, 2010

  • To get rid of the stupid screensavers use TKFileExplorer (google it and download it). Set your phones USB connection settings to Samsung PC Studio on connection. Don’t use “ask on connection”. Go to the service menu go and hit DRM Master Reset. After your phone restarts make sure you dont have Samsung PC Studio set to automatically startup when your phone connects in that mode. Then connect your phone and open up TKFileExplore. Click on the button at the top with a phone, a gear, and computer on it (the connection configuration button) and where it says to enter the port, enter “COM1” then close that box and click on the button with the phone and computer on it without the gear (the connection button) and if it gives you an error like “couldnt open connection on COM1” or something like that, go back to the configuration button and enter COM2 and try again, if it still doesnt connect go back and try COM3, keep doing that until it connects to your phone. The COM number shouldnt be above COM10. Mine has jumped around a few times but never past 10. Currently mine is COM3 and before that it was COM7 but never more than 10. Once you’re in the filesystem of your phone go to SystemFS then go to Media and then go to Picture and there is where those stupid pictures are. Remove them and or change them, but if you change them be sure to give them the same name as the original files. There you go. But don’t be stupid and mess with anything else in your phones file system you could screw up your phone. Have a nice day.

    Comment by Jon — October 28, 2010

  • main service menu is *#6984125*#(type it in in dial )
    if u would like to get into pre-configuration *#73561 *#(click on pre-configuration the operators code is *#73561 *#.
    or if u would like to get into internals click on it type *#3818790*#

    thank you and your welcome,

    Comment by mikey — November 14, 2010

  • i want to change the lock screen photos

    Comment by noyb — April 2, 2011

  • welll you see my friend gave me her phone, and she didnt know her password either, so how can i change it so i can lock my phone so nobody can get into my phone. if it ever gets lost

    Comment by melaina — May 5, 2011

  • @Jon
    hey jon, ive tried wat u said, it dosent let me delete the files, rename, or replace because their locked, wat do i have to do ?

    Comment by PR REAPER — February 11, 2012

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