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AT&T Samsung Mythic Tutorial – Get widgets

Posted in: AT&T Cell Phone Problems and SolutionsDecember 21, 2009
AT&T Samsung Mythic Tutorial – Get widgets

AT&T Samsung Mythic Tutorial – Get widgets

How  to get widgets on AT&T Samsung Mythic? Actually, there are two methods to get widgets.

Mehtod 1:

1. you need  to host them on their site with the appropriate code. Or you can register at the samsung innovator site. [click here to learn register]
2. After you register you can upload widgets here and then download them to your phone using a pin widget that you will have to download from their site first. Try the widget for the star and pixon.

But if you can’t install the pin widget to your phone then go to this link on your phone and it will do the same thing as the pin widget.

4. Now this site is supposed to be for widgets that you personally make. So if you upload a widget, after you download it to your phone then delete the widget from the test page.

5. You upload a widget to the test page by clicking on register.

6.You will have to enter a name and a description and hit save

7. To download select the pin download method.

This gives you the pincode to enter on your phone. If you dont have the pin widget yet it also gives you the link to get it on your phone using your phone.

8. Then using the pin widget enter the pincode and you will then download and install the widget.

Please note: If you have issues getting the pin code to connect the first time. Change your browsers network profile and then reboot your phone. Then change it back to medianet and it was able to connect. If that doesnt work for you then try this:

1)Edit the widgetstatus.ini file with TKFE. It is located in the registry folder of your phone

2) Upload it to your pc and open it with wordpad or notepad.

3) Change NetworkAccess from a ‘0’ to a ‘1’ and save it.

4) Then download it back to your phone and reboot your phone.

Method 2: translate widget

Instructions: 1. The translate widget will translate from one language to another and there are many languages to choose from. It is a now a newer version that Bantam has edited it so it shows the translation in a white box. Widget test page guide [Click here to download]

2. A widget is just a .zip file renamed to .wgt.

Source from Samsung-mythic forum

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