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AT&T Samsung Mythic Tricks – Install Games, Appliciations or softwares

Posted in: AT&T Cell Phone Problems and SolutionsDecember 6, 2009
AT&T Samsung Mythic Tricks – Install Games, Appliciations or softwares

AT&T Samsung Mythic Tricks – Install Games, Appliciations or softwares

Do you know how to insall softwares or applications, such as games , themes on AT&T Samsung Mythic without a data plan? If you don’t know , see here. Following is just the instructions,  but  firstly you will need a data cable to access the phone.

Install Games, Appliciations or softwares on Samsung Mythic steps:

1. Download and Installation of PC Studio IH3.exe [Download here]
2. Installation and usage of TKFileExplorer  [Download here] (Used to access the Internal Memory of the phone)
3. Accessing Admin Settings w/ Master Key

4. JADGen: [Download here] (Used to generate .JAD files from .JAR files)

Notes: 1. This method works with Windows XP and Windows Vista (32/64-bit).

2. You can also get TKFileExplorer to work with just the USB Modem Drivers if you want standalone drivers (No PC Studio)[ Download Usb Modem Driver here] ( Used if PC Studio doesn’t load the proper drivers or you just want standalone drivers)

How to install the PC Studio IH1:

1) Once downloaded run the setup file. (Make sure the phone is unplugged)

2) Now Connect your USB Cable to your phone. Make sure the phone is set to ‘Samsung PC Studio’.
(Menu -> Settings -> Connectivity -> Select USB Mode -> Samsung PC Studio)
Let the drivers install. AT&T cell phone Questions&Answers

3) Once finished you might have to restart PC Studio IH1 as well as your phone to detect properly (while still connected). Once detected it should say ‘SGH-A887 Connected’.

How to Installation and usage of TKFileExplorer
1) Download TKFileExplorer: [here] or search through the forums. Run the program and it should look like an explorer window. (Make sure PC Studio is closed as well as the tray icon)

2) Go to Settings -> COM -> Click on the drop selection under ‘Port’ and select one that’s available.

3) Click “Connect”

4) The phone should connect if done properly.

5) Games are located in /Exe/Java/Games/, When transferring games make sure that you have both the .JAR and .JAD files. JADGen can be downloaded: [here] Just drag the .JAR file and drag it to JADGen.exe to generate a .JAD file.

Note: When copying the game onto the phone, it is easier to create a folder in the phone and transfer the .jar file then the .jad file one at a time. Dragging multiple folder/files may cause the connection to freeze, lag or lose connection.

How to Accessing Admin Settings w/ Master Key

Note: Once you have finished transferring all the games/applications you want.  Do the following:

6)  Go back to the home screen and tap ‘Dial’ input the following: (For Admin Settings) *#6984125*#

7) Tap on ‘Internals’, Input the following code (Master Key). *#3818790*#

8) Tap on ‘Storage Settings’

9) Tap on ‘Update Java DB’, Now scroll down to where it says ‘Update app database’ and Tap on that.

10) It should take a couple of seconds to update.

11) Once updated you can check out your new games/apps

I got it work on my Mythic phone, hopefully it’s still useful for you!

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  • […] For a Tutorial on how to install the TKFileExplorer manually [Here] […]

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  • guys, use 2.4 version of TKFILExplorer
    here is the link

    i tried many times with 2.2 and didn’t work, but this one works. At least a can connect to the phone

    Comment by DDD — September 17, 2011

  • Ok, so I figured out how to transfer files… do not try to drag files from your desktop or whatever, use TKFILExplorer’s interface to do that

    Comment by DDD — September 17, 2011

  • unsupported file format or something like that my phone says :( where can I download games?

    Comment by DDD — September 17, 2011

  • Ok, here’s what worked for me to put games on my Samsung Flight 2:
    My computer is Windows 7.

    Tkfilexplorer 2.4
    JadMaker 1.21
    Samsung New Pc Studio

    1. Open Samsung New Pc studio (make sure phone is set to pc studio usb mode). Connect phone via usb cord.
    2. Open Tkfilexplorer, and select “setting” then “COM”. Nothing happened? Don’t worry! Close the Pc studio program.Then, back in the filexplorer select “connect”. Yay!
    3. the rest of the instructions above are correct.

    Comment by Puppeteergirl — November 2, 2011

  • I had tough time to configure port# in TFKE.
    It took me a while to identify the appropriate port# in Vista (I’ve 64bit) .
    1.Goto Control Panel in ur computer
    2. Hardware and sound
    3. Devices and Printers
    4. If you see your mobile phone in the list, Right Click and Select MODEM SETTINGS -> Modems Tab ->a port number is mentioned against it under “Attached To” column.
    5. Bingo! that is the port# you need to enter in TFKE setting. Ex COM11 is found just type as it is….
    it will work

    Comment by Nagarajan — May 4, 2012

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