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AT&T Samsung Mythic Tricks – Install Games, Appliciations or softwares

Posted in: AT&T Cell Phone Problems and SolutionsDecember 6, 2009
AT&T Samsung Mythic Tricks – Install Games, Appliciations or softwares

AT&T Samsung Mythic Tricks – Install Games, Appliciations or softwares

Do you know how to insall softwares or applications, such as games , themes on AT&T Samsung Mythic without a data plan? If you don’t know , see here. Following is just the instructions,  but  firstly you will need a data cable to access the phone.

Install Games, Appliciations or softwares on Samsung Mythic steps:

1. Download and Installation of PC Studio IH3.exe [Download here]
2. Installation and usage of TKFileExplorer  [Download here] (Used to access the Internal Memory of the phone)
3. Accessing Admin Settings w/ Master Key

4. JADGen: [Download here] (Used to generate .JAD files from .JAR files)

Notes: 1. This method works with Windows XP and Windows Vista (32/64-bit).

2. You can also get TKFileExplorer to work with just the USB Modem Drivers if you want standalone drivers (No PC Studio)[ Download Usb Modem Driver here] ( Used if PC Studio doesn’t load the proper drivers or you just want standalone drivers)

How to install the PC Studio IH1:

1) Once downloaded run the setup file. (Make sure the phone is unplugged)

2) Now Connect your USB Cable to your phone. Make sure the phone is set to ‘Samsung PC Studio’.
(Menu -> Settings -> Connectivity -> Select USB Mode -> Samsung PC Studio)
Let the drivers install. AT&T cell phone Questions&Answers

3) Once finished you might have to restart PC Studio IH1 as well as your phone to detect properly (while still connected). Once detected it should say ‘SGH-A887 Connected’.

How to Installation and usage of TKFileExplorer
1) Download TKFileExplorer: [here] or search through the forums. Run the program and it should look like an explorer window. (Make sure PC Studio is closed as well as the tray icon)

2) Go to Settings -> COM -> Click on the drop selection under ‘Port’ and select one that’s available.

3) Click “Connect”

4) The phone should connect if done properly.

5) Games are located in /Exe/Java/Games/, When transferring games make sure that you have both the .JAR and .JAD files. JADGen can be downloaded: [here] Just drag the .JAR file and drag it to JADGen.exe to generate a .JAD file.

Note: When copying the game onto the phone, it is easier to create a folder in the phone and transfer the .jar file then the .jad file one at a time. Dragging multiple folder/files may cause the connection to freeze, lag or lose connection.

How to Accessing Admin Settings w/ Master Key

Note: Once you have finished transferring all the games/applications you want.  Do the following:

6)  Go back to the home screen and tap ‘Dial’ input the following: (For Admin Settings) *#6984125*#

7) Tap on ‘Internals’, Input the following code (Master Key). *#3818790*#

8) Tap on ‘Storage Settings’

9) Tap on ‘Update Java DB’, Now scroll down to where it says ‘Update app database’ and Tap on that.

10) It should take a couple of seconds to update.

11) Once updated you can check out your new games/apps

I got it work on my Mythic phone, hopefully it’s still useful for you!

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  • How can this work for the Samsung Mythic? Everyone that has done a guide like this says that using their certain types of PC Studio is the right method, but the Mythic will not connect to those. It will only connect to it’s specially made PC Studio. And when you use the specially made one, the COM10 doesn’t show up in TKfile explorer. What to do…

    Comment by Blaqkie — January 5, 2010

  • Nevermind. I got a Virtual Machine of Windows XP and the phone is showing up in this other version of PC Studio. But I still can’t get it to show COM10? Help? :/

    Comment by Blaqkie — January 5, 2010

  • Hey,
    Finally got this working. I to didn’t have COM10 or COM_Anything show up in TKFileExplorer so I dug deeper. If your COM port doesn’t show up the only thing you have to do is figure out what COM port your phone is currently on yourself! I did this with Portmon Just go to Computer>Connect Local then capture>ports and it will list the port for your Mythic (and your regular computer modem). My Mythic read sscmdm0 and had taken COM4. Simply type the correct COM# into the TKFileExplorer with other settings set to default and like magic you are able to move on to the next step of this guide! I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate and this meathod works great!

    Comment by Geek101 — January 6, 2010

  • God almighty! He’s done it! Thank you Geek101. You hath solved it for me! 😀 Thank you so much.

    Comment by Blaqkie — January 6, 2010

  • Is there a way this can be done on a Mac?

    Comment by sparklesax — January 6, 2010

  • No, there isn’t

    Comment by AT&T Cell Phones — January 7, 2010

  • Actually, it can be done on Mac. 😛 Via VMware. If you know how to use VMware, you could install a virtual machine of Windows XP on your Mac, and then use that. If you need help, just ask. 😛

    Comment by Blaqkie — January 7, 2010

  • So has anyone found some great game titles? I’m at a loss.

    Comment by Geek101 — January 14, 2010

  • Is there a way to gay Admin access to the phone? i.e. I’d like to delete the picture Phoenix which is a system wallpaper which I hate.

    Comment by Banana Man — January 15, 2010

  • why is your theme white? mine’s black how how do you change it?

    Comment by Austin — January 19, 2010

  • Hey is there no zooming facility. I can’t zoom in or out when i take picture. Can any one do it?

    Comment by Priya — January 21, 2010

  • Me too have the same problem. Not able to zoom while taking pictures. Can anyone help me?

    Comment by Prakash — January 22, 2010

  • I am really fond of taking pictures, Kindly request you to help me out how to zoom it!!!

    Comment by Priya — January 25, 2010

  • I can’t get this to work on windows 7.

    Where do you download the apps from?

    Comment by Ben — January 25, 2010

  • I cant get Portmon to work to see my COM#.
    i tried 1-10 on TKFE and not of them worked. they all said ” Warning: Unable to open the specified port. please try again later”

    any help?

    Comment by Nick — January 29, 2010

  • To zoom for pictures you use the volume button on the left side.

    Comment by Warzone — February 5, 2010

  • Got it to work finally.

    If you have a com problem like me.

    Just type com1 and connect and keep going up com2,com3,etc till you get the phone folders to show. Mine was at com12.

    Comment by Dmc — February 6, 2010

  • Using the volume button for zooming does not helps!!!, can anyone recommend me other way?

    Comment by Priya — February 8, 2010

  • OKAY PLEASE i need help… Ive been working on this for two days and ive seen at least 10 tutorials nobody seems to be having the problems im having
    Okay, SO i did all the steps, samsung is connected and all. So i start my computer, then i plug in my cellphone. It’s on COM3. I go to TKFileExplorer and put in COM3 for the connection
    On the bottom phone(p:) comes up, BUT when i press + to view the files, there is nothing!
    Its so wierd i don’t understand it… I’ve done everything you told me to do but maybe it’s something i dont know about
    just for you info
    OS: Windows Vista
    Cell Phone: Samsung Mythic
    PC Studio: Samsung New PC Studio

    please help, you would be so godly

    Comment by Jonathan — February 9, 2010

  • And NOw….
    It appears an Erroe “Communication Link Is Lost

    Comment by Jonathan — February 9, 2010

  • there is technically no zoom lens on the Mythic…if you want to zoom you will have to lower resolution to 2 MP…then use the volume buttons to zoom in!

    Comment by harsh — February 10, 2010

  • I cant not get my phone to connect to the computer…like it does charge but i can get the part for it to say Now connected, so i cant move on to the next step, i see’s my phone, but i cant get the driver…

    Comment by Luke — February 12, 2010

  • Hey…..reduce the pixcels to 2 MP or even less for zooming with your volume buttons.

    Comment by prince — February 12, 2010

  • In camera mode you first have to change the setting on the left side third option down to picture six 640×360 and then the volume button works to zoom in or out.

    Comment by KMH — February 13, 2010

  • In camera mode you first have to change the setting on the left side third option down to picture size 640×360 and then the volume button works to zoom in or out.

    Comment by KMH — February 13, 2010

  • how can i make games fullscreen ???

    Comment by Mesrop — February 16, 2010

  • Priya, change your resolution for the zoom to work.

    Anyone get any of this shit to work with windows 7 ultimate x64? I assumed if it worked for vista x64 it would work for 7…I cna’t get the damn usb drivers to load, and the link above is incorrect.

    Comment by This shit better work — February 17, 2010

  • Hi,

    Where can I get free games for Samsung Mythic.

    Comment by Amber — February 18, 2010

  • Thanks i got it work.

    Comment by Priya — February 22, 2010

  • Thanks i got it work on my Mythic phone .

    Comment by Priya — February 22, 2010

  • this works fine with windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. but I had a hec of a time installing the USB drivers for the phone, The install routine is broken, i had to point it to the proper files on the CD in order to get it to work. once you get the drivers installed, the rest is gravy. found my phone on com port3

    Comment by Ed Wilson — February 22, 2010

  • Is there a reason I would have to use this particular version of PC Studio and not the version that comes with the phone?


    Comment by smwoodcrafts — March 1, 2010

  • I dont know if anyone else had as much of a problem finding PC Sudio IH1 as I did, but I found one at the samsung site. Here is the link…

    Comment by Musclecardaddy — March 7, 2010

  • dont have data plan or usb cable…did all the steps and created folders on sd card with the jar and jad,tried different ways,game folder,java,exe,ect…then did the admin internal steps of updating jave,ect…why wont it work after transfering the same files with sd card to phone-anyone know how to do it that way

    Comment by me — March 14, 2010

  • Does anyone have a copy of Mobile Email 2.0? I can not find a copy and AT&T will only let me download 3.0 but that is a pay version.
    I have 2.0 on a Samsung D807 but can not find how to get the files to my Mythic. Thanks for your help.

    Comment by DETerry — April 27, 2010

  • i have tried all you guys are saying and my wont work . they are always telling me to install usb drivers. i have installed th pc studio and tha TkFileExplo. what should i do agan.can anyone please help me

    Comment by Laud — May 22, 2010

  • i have no idea of any of this, if i can get a vid. with demonstration it would be greatly appreciated

    Comment by DSTN — May 29, 2010

  • To zoom, you press the bottoms on the left side of the phone while in camera mode. you then can zoom in a little bit/

    Comment by Lauren — June 10, 2010

  • hi all,
    i’ve recently got my mythic and would love to put games and apps on it. i’ve installed pc studio and tkfileexplorer and have not been able to get connected. i’m running xp on a virtual machine on a mac. i even tried using portmon to find my phone but that didnt work.


    Comment by gogo — July 5, 2010

  • Its odd that this would work… I’m not trying. TKfileExplorer=Adware, Spyware, Trojans, Malware and/or the like

    Comment by Austin — July 13, 2010

  • No mater what I do I can not connect to my Samsung Flight using tkf2.2 What do I do? I have games I want to install.

    Comment by Vince — July 22, 2010

  • Have same problem as “Jonathan”.
    PLEASE help!

    Comment by Noone — July 25, 2010

  • I can get everything to work but when i go to drag the Jad and Jar files to the phone it wont copy them it gives me the not allowed symbol what do i do?

    Comment by Greg — July 28, 2010

  • well i got it to download but it says java error invalid format

    Comment by Greg — July 28, 2010

  • there’s nothing shows up in the dropdown of PORT
    wat should i do?
    mine PC is windows 7 someone plz help me!!

    Comment by zhun — August 1, 2010

  • I have tried to install everything from the CD that my mythic came with to downloading some crazy add-ons to help find my drivers. I have went threw this site and all the help links with no luck. Is there some way to change the routing path of the USB drivers to the original CD that the mythic came with?
    I have tried to install TKfileExplore with no luck, even tried to do the trick of ” com1, com2, com3 and such” with no luck either. Is windows 7 just not liking the mythic software or is it dell?

    Comment by Chris — September 2, 2010

  • Games installed perfectly but i can’t play games on full screen as some default butt0ns appear on screen…I m sick of it… plz some body help me how to get rid of these buttons.

    Comment by Blackhawk — September 9, 2010

  • how do u change the theme to white??? please tell me

    Comment by joli — October 2, 2010

  • please help me I did every steps like you said but when I go in games/app there isn’t any of files that I have put in can you help me ??

    Comment by Krenar — December 23, 2010

  • […] you have probelm to install apps on AT&T samsung mythic with the TKFileExplorer install method, then try the new way that I find on samsung mythic forum, this is a new hacked method, it will […]

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  • guys, use 2.4 version of TKFILExplorer
    here is the link

    i tried many times with 2.2 and didn’t work, but this one works. At least a can connect to the phone

    Comment by DDD — September 17, 2011

  • Ok, so I figured out how to transfer files… do not try to drag files from your desktop or whatever, use TKFILExplorer’s interface to do that

    Comment by DDD — September 17, 2011

  • unsupported file format or something like that my phone says :( where can I download games?

    Comment by DDD — September 17, 2011

  • Ok, here’s what worked for me to put games on my Samsung Flight 2:
    My computer is Windows 7.

    Tkfilexplorer 2.4
    JadMaker 1.21
    Samsung New Pc Studio

    1. Open Samsung New Pc studio (make sure phone is set to pc studio usb mode). Connect phone via usb cord.
    2. Open Tkfilexplorer, and select “setting” then “COM”. Nothing happened? Don’t worry! Close the Pc studio program.Then, back in the filexplorer select “connect”. Yay!
    3. the rest of the instructions above are correct.

    Comment by Puppeteergirl — November 2, 2011

  • I had tough time to configure port# in TFKE.
    It took me a while to identify the appropriate port# in Vista (I’ve 64bit) .
    1.Goto Control Panel in ur computer
    2. Hardware and sound
    3. Devices and Printers
    4. If you see your mobile phone in the list, Right Click and Select MODEM SETTINGS -> Modems Tab ->a port number is mentioned against it under “Attached To” column.
    5. Bingo! that is the port# you need to enter in TFKE setting. Ex COM11 is found just type as it is….
    it will work

    Comment by Nagarajan — May 4, 2012

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