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AT&T Samsung Jack Tricks-Set up sliding panel for speed dialing

Posted in: AT&T Samsung Jack InfoAugust 18, 2009
AT&T Samsung Jack Tricks-Set up sliding panel for speed dialing

AT&T Samsung Jack Tricks-Set up sliding panel for speed dialing

When there are too many contracts in your speed dialing on AT&T samsung jack, you had better to set up your sliding panel for it, as it’s every easy and quickly to speed dialing with a sliding panel. Well,  this is how I set up my sliding panel for speed dialing, now I share the methods with you. Firstly Open CHome Config, then do the following the steps below:

  1. Menu > Panel > New, click yes when asked if you want to create a new panel
  2. Name the panel “speed dial” or something that suits you. The newly created panel wil appear in the list of panels; highlight it then click “show” on left soft button. This makes it visible on the homescreen; conversely, any panel can be hidden from view on the homescreen by clicking “hide.” AT&T cell phone Questions&Answers
  3. Click on the panel to edit it. An editing window will open, click Menu > Page > New. When asked, confirm you want to create a new page.
  4. Click Menu > Template > Contact Dialer. Choose contact phone number from your contacts list. If it’s not a mobile #, it will ask if you want to enable SMS (text mssg) for this contact. Click yes if you want to use a speed e-mail for this contact. Click yes when it asks if you want to use the contact photo for the contact. AT&T Samsung Jack Info

If you are using e-mail instead of SMS, then you need to manually edit the last field on the page which identifies the messaging service. Replace “SMS” with the name of the e-mail account you want to use, e.g. “Hotmail”. Importantly, and not intuitively, if you want to use Outlook E-mail, then you need to insert “ActiveSync”. Do not get this field confused with the one for the right soft-button, which you might want to change to “Send E-Mail” or similar instead of “SMS.”

Notes: For each contact, create a new page and format as described above. Then click Done. Then Menu > Exit. You will be prompted to save. Doing so will give you two registry error messages (at least on the i637, it will), but ignore them by hitting OK. The speed dial panel will now appear amongst the sliding panels on your homescreen.

CHome also gives you the ability to change the order that panels appear on your homescreen under Menu > Panels.
Hope it works for you!

Via: xda-developers

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