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AT&T Pantech Impact PC Suite & Usb Driver Download

Posted in: AT&T Cell phone SoftwareMay 21, 2010
AT&T Pantech Impact PC Suite & Usb Driver Download

AT&T Pantech Impact PC Suite & Usb Driver Download

If you want to better manage your Pantech Impact for AT&T, then download one free software offered by Pantech called PC suite to help you. As the software contains the USb Driver enables your phone connect with a PC, so that you can easily manage personal data and multimedia files through a PC, including PC Sync Microsoft, Outlook, and Outlook Express with PC ,  also it allows you to view, edit, and organise Messages from the Phone on a PC, ect..

Overall, the Pantech Impact PC Suite is really very helpful. Believe me! now just download it:

Pantech Impact PC Suite & Usb Driver Download link:



* Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP family and VISTA 32bit
* At least 300MB of free disk space AT&T Cell phone Software

* Interface devices such as USB and Bluetooth for the connection with the Phone

* To use the PC Suite multimedia functions such as MMS Composer, Microsoft, DirectX, version 9.0 or higher is required.

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  • Does not work with win 7

    Comment by Bill W — June 4, 2010

  • Will a Windows 7 version be available soon. I like to use this product.

    Comment by Lester H — July 4, 2010

  • I cant find one anywhere that works with windows 7 32 or 64 bit editions

    Comment by Keith — July 14, 2010

  • I am really disappointed that AT&T has not leaned on Pantech to update PC Suite to operate with Win7. This is ridiculous in my lowly opinion (I am just a paying customer, after all). I talked to support reps at both AT&T and Pantech. Both were well aware that the tool is obsolete, but appeared no Win7 solution is in the making and, with that, I was dismissed (although AT&T did take the opportunity to try and up-sell me to a smart phone and then wanted to ask about my internet and TV service…).

    It’s angering to know AT&T is aware they are selling obsolete software and don’t take steps to make their vendors resolve the matter. Or, they could just take the tool out of the box and admit defeat (as I have).

    Comment by K2 — April 8, 2011

  • Bought cord a few days ago thinking i download pc suite and i got windows 7 wut a waste of money for no reason so dissapointed man

    Comment by Lilly — April 21, 2011

  • Have contacted them (Pantech) several times since Aug. 2010 and each time they predict it will be available in six months. They lie! I agree with K2.

    Comment by Ruth — May 5, 2011

  • I agree with Ruth & K2. I have 64 bit Windows 7 and even talked to one of their techs. Couldn’t even get link PC Suite to read the cell phone under XP Virtual Machine. Suspect it’s a com port problem. Anyway, the tech couldn’t help and basically just told me to hope they get off their ass and make a driver for the current 64 bit operating systems. It shouldn’t be a rocket science to do. I figure they want their customers to buy something else.

    Comment by Jon — May 11, 2011

  • Per Pantech support : “The PC Suite software will work on Windows 7 as long as it is a 32 bit system and not 64 bit.”

    Comment by ron — May 12, 2011

  • Wow, just got the pantech laser and cannot install the driver on my 64 bit Win 7 computer. Ive had 2 old phones from other carriers work fine, now I go all out and get this thing and it isnt compatible with an operating system that’s a few years old.

    I am NOT going to buy a brand new older operating system for my computer LOL, what a joke.

    Stay away from AT &T.

    Comment by Vanguard — June 30, 2011

  • My wife bought a Pantech Link P7040p, bought a data cable, downloaded PC Suite from site, installed software- except drivers. She is on a Windows 7 64 bit system and the driver is not compatible with this OS. Tried all the compatability options, tried changing com settings, reinstalled, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, say no more, say no more.

    Installed on my machine (exact duplicate of hers) got same OS message, but it works. Go figure.

    Tried installing on my daughters Windows 7 netbook. Same messages. Does not work.

    Can someone explain that? No help or explanation from AT&T or Pantech. My wife can’t use my machine when she wants to transfer data or go on line.


    Comment by North Michigander — September 13, 2011

  • I’m heading back to AT&T and tell them to take my Pantech phone and put where the “SUN” don’t shine. After reading all the Blogs about the problems with Pantech, I understand why I have been unsuccessful attaching my phone to both PC”S. One running undering XP and the other Visa. I can’t believe a company (AT&T) would even sell a product such as Pantech.

    Comment by Butch — October 12, 2011

  • wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    kya mobile tha…….

    pichonva manchonva ra

    em thayaru chesnav ra phone.

    pc suit ki eavadanna pisal pedthadara

    freeeee veersion pettuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sakkagaaaaaaa

    Comment by chethan — January 5, 2012

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