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AT&T Lg Shine2/shineII Now on sale for $119.99

AT&T Lg Shine2/shineII Now on sale for $119.99

The long-awaited lg shine 2 now is finally on sale via AT&T stores as anticipated for $119.99 with 2-year contracts after $50 mail-in rebate. As we known, the lg shine II is the successor to lg shine, it lools very similar to the shines. We can see the shine2 is still a silver slider , but it has some changes in the design of keypad. It comes with a biggr Qwerty keypad and bigger keys than the shine, which makes it easilier to use. In addtion, the shine II has a nicer looks, though it has not too many in features, it is still a mid-level models.

New at&t phones 2009AT&T Cell Phone Pictures – AT&T Lg Shine2/shineII cell phone photos:


Lg Shine2/shineII’s key features and specs:
鈥 mesmerizing 2.2″ wide mirror LCD

鈥 flawless Java 2.0 support

_ built-in stereo Bluetooth wireless technology.

_聽 AT&T Navigator

_ a 2.0 megapixel camera with flash and video recording

_an image editor that allows users to resize, crop, rotate, color adjust photos, insert fun frames and produce mirror effects


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  1. November 23rd, 2009 | 3:13 am

    [...] lg shine2 for AT&T is the replacement of lg shine, however, in terms of design, the Shine2 has not really [...]

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