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AT&T Lg Incite Browser Update now available

Posted in: AT&T LG Incite info,New AT&T Cell phonesDecember 26, 2009
AT&T Lg Incite Browser Update now available

AT&T Lg Incite Browser Update now available

When I’m worried about the browser issue existing in my AT&T  lg incite, I just find that lg has released the browser update for lg incite.  If you have the Browser problem experiencing an error message when attempting to access Media Net or Netfront Browser on the inctie phone, now update it immediately. simply follow the steps below to download the correction to your PC and then to your phone. AT&T LG Incite info

Requirements:1.  Active Sync is required to complete this process. If ActiveSync is not installed please install before proceeding. To download the latest version[Download link] Or Active Sync can be installed from startup disc that came with the device. AT&T Cell phone Software

2. Once Active sync has been installed successfully; download file to computer. The following Operating Systems are supported:
– Windows XP
– Windows Vista
– Windows 7Step 1.

How to update/Installation software :

Steps 1:

– Download the Browser Update to your PC.
– Save file to your PC. (Desktop for easy access)
Step 2.
– Connect device to PC via USB cable.
– ActiveSync will automatically open.
– If ActiveSync does not open launch ActiveSync from Program list.

Step 3.

– In active sync window select Explore option.

Step 4.
– Select My Windows Mobile-Based Device

Step 5.
1)Copy/Paste or Drag and Drop the file that was saved to desktop (or location selected in to Mobile Device
Note: The file can be placed on the Storage Card

2) If ‘File Conversion’ message appears, select OK

Step 6. Disconnect the device from the PC.
Step 7. Locate the file on the INCITE:]

Note:Device will restart automatically. Once the device powers on, select the browser icon, or select Browser from the start menu. If you changed your default browser to IE, you may change it back to Media Net (Netfront Browser).

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  • OK. My active sync doesn’t work because I’m running Outlook 2000, which isn’t supported. I know if I upgrade to outlook 2002 I’ll need $$$ to upgrade my MS Office, probably find out that the HP Pavillion needs more ram to run that application and that my other older application software isn’t compatable with the new stuff. I know that the answer – as always – is to buy a new computer platform. Look; all I want to do is run an app on my cell phone that worked when I first purchased the device. Is that asking too much? – greg in minnesota

    Comment by greg in minnesota — January 30, 2010

  • Greg,
    You don’t actually need ActiveSync installed on your computer. If you can set up a microSD card on your computer, you can simply download and save the update to the microSD card then put the microSD card back in your phone and follow instructions from step 7.

    Comment by Todd — February 25, 2010

  • So… I followed all the steps but got this message “installation was unsuccessful. the program or setting cannot be installed becase it does not have sufficient system permissions.”

    Now what???

    Comment by Julie — March 29, 2010

  • I actually successfully downloaded the lg incite fix for this and got it to say netfront browser without the little box coming up saying the certificate expired, blah, blah, blah, but it still doesnt work. No internet access in anyway shape or form. So how do you switch it to ie?

    Comment by sherri ohara — July 16, 2010

  • It worked without problems thanks a lot

    Comment by deNNIS — November 8, 2010

  • So, I clicked on your link for the Browser Update in Step 1 – Download the Browser update for your PC…. Aaaand it doesn’t take me to it. Just Nothing about the Incite, updates, MediaNet or anything.

    Comment by Ashley — March 23, 2012

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