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AT&T: Iphone 5 will be released for sale in mid-September

AT&T: Iphone 5 will be released for sale in mid-September

Two days ago it is rumored that Apple and AT&T will release the new generation of iphone - iphone 5 on September 5,聽 when we doubt the occasion, today one AT & T insiders said AT&T will start to put the new iphone 5 on sale in mid-September 2011, According to all the聽current messages, it appears the new iPhones coming in September has become a foregone conclusion. AT&T Iphone 5 info
In addtion, it is revealed that currently AT & T has started to communicate with employees to say the company’s retail stores will usher a large number of customers in September. Therefore, AT & T require its employees to complete training as soon as possible. AT&T Iphone info

It is said AT & T’s this actions is related to the upcoming released聽 iPhone 5, it is expected the iPhone 5 lanuch date will be set at the end of August,聽 and att will officially release it for sale in mid September.
Recently another聽 MacRumors Apple website aslo reports that Apple is recruiting its former employees to participate in this part-time job from August 15 to September 15 . This action may be favorable for the campus day for Apple, it may be in response to the release of iPhone 5.


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