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AT&T HTC Titan 4G LTE Windows mango smartphones

Posted in: AT&T Cell phone Reviews,AT&T HTC Titan inforMarch 7, 2012
AT&T HTC Titan 4G LTE Windows mango smartphones

AT&T HTC Titan 4G LTE Windows mango smartphones

HTC Titan is a perfect smartphone for AT&T to support 4G lTE network and equiped with Window mango OSS. It was officially released for sale on November 20th, 2011. Sadly, with HTC titan 2‘s arrival, HTC has discontinued to product it. At the beginning of HTC Titan on sale, it was priced at $199.99 with2 year contacts, but now it costs only for $0.01, nearly for free.

AT&T HTC Titan is very popular, when it just arrived at AT&T stores, it was sold out. Obviously the attractive of HTC titan is great. Whether this Window phone is good or not, next let’s take a loot at how HTC titan owners reviews it. AT&T Cell phone Reviews

  • Its  display is  very awesome , a large and nice screen easy for watching TV
  • battery is fantastic
  • Very wonderful  Web Experience
  • Windows Phone 7.5 Mango operating system is very smooth and shines on such a big touchscreen
  • a good camera
  • light and sturdy
  • Software too little compared with android smartphones
    Entertainment too bad compared with android smartphones

New AT&T Phones on SaleAT&T HTC Titan cell phone pictures:

htc titan VS htc sensation xl Reviews: 
htc Sensation xl is much better than the htc titan, high resolution of screen, dual-core processors, more memory.

But the HTC titan screen is large, the Mango system is very smooth.

htc Sensation xl software applications are rich, easy to be installed. AT&T HTC Titan infor

HTC titan WP 7.5 OS  is a bit complicated, and users can’t escape only enable to download the free software in Microsoft’s market.
HTC Radar vs HTC Tita VS Samsung I9100 Reviews

Compared with HTC Titan, the GALAXY SII i9100 is better,it comes with better configuration, running smooth and fast. The 4.3  inch SAP’s screen display is very good, bright colors are very high brightness.
But as for the HTC Titan and HTC RadarHTC Titan is high end smartphone,the Radar is a little slightly, but both devices are equiped with the high-pass second-generation cpu. In addtion, If you are a big-screen fans, then the Titan is better with 4.7 inch screen, very large, htc Radaronly features a 3.8 inch screen. ps:iphone4 3.5,i9100 4.3


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