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AT&T HTC Pure Tricks – Perform a Soft and Hard Reset

AT&T HTC Pure Tricks – Perform a Soft and Hard Reset

How to perform a soft and hard reset on the AT&T HTC聽 Pure? Actially, it’s very easy, The below instructions should be used to reset the HTC PURE, just follow the聽 steps:

Notes: 1) The battery should never be removed from a Windows Mobile device when the device is powered on.聽 This causes the boot files to become corrupt and will cause the device to hang during the boot-up process. AT&T cell phone Questions&Answers
2) A hard reset basically returns your device to factory conditions, the device is restored to its default settings 鈥 the way it was when you first purchased it and turned it on. Any programs you installed, data you entered, and settings you customized on your device will be lost. Only Windows Mobile software and other pre-installed programs will remain. This is a drastic step, and usually only as a result of some kind of hardware failure or gross system error. It should only be used if nothing else worked to recover your device. AT&T HTC Pure Info

1. Soft reset
To soft reset the device, press the reset button inside the stylus sleave.

2. Master reset

IMPORTANT: The device will be set back to factory settings; all data stored on the device will be lost. The device may not be functional for up to 15 minutes after a master reset is performed.
1) From the聽today screen,聽tap>Start

2) Tap Settings.

3) Tap System.

4) Tap Clear Storage.

5) Enter “1234″.

6) Tap Yes.
NOTE: The device will automatically reset and may not function for up to 15 minutes following the master reset.

3. Alternate Method

1) Power the device off.

2) Press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons and briefly press the Power button.

3) The following message will appear, press the聽Volume Up key to master reset the device.

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  1. Vicki
    July 24th, 2011 | 6:40 pm

    The hard reset did not work either. I’ll just have to get a different phone. I guess smart phones aren’t so smart after all.

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