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AT&T Dell Mini 3/ Tablet Live Photos

Posted in: AT&T Cell phone newsJanuary 8, 2010
AT&T Dell Mini 3/ Tablet Live Photos

AT&T Dell Mini 3/ Tablet Live Photos

It  has been long-rumored that Dell will launch an android smartphone in the US market, but it doesn’t mention which model and what the device looks like. Today Dell fianlly confirmed this, it is reported an Android-powered tablet phone will henad to the second largest US carrier, obviously it is most probably the AT&T. Unfortunately, Dell doesn’t call the new samrtphone as MID, but tablet. Also dell doesn’t tell us not too many details about the tablet, only reminding that it’s only a “5-inch tablet concept” with a 5MP camera.

In addtion, we are told the new android should be hit Us marker this year, meanwhile,  Dell shows some official picures about the tablet. Now Enjoy them !

Upcoming AT&T phonesAT&T Cell Phone Pictures – AT&T Dell Mini 3 cell phone photos:

More live pictures for Dell table:

Source Pocket-lint

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