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AT&T Blackberry 9700 Photos

Posted in: AT&T Cell Phone Pictures,New AT&T Cell phonesSeptember 23, 2009
AT&T Blackberry 9700 Photos

AT&T Blackberry 9700 Photos

Recently we get some live photos for Blackberry 9700, though now it hasn’t been branded with AT&T mark ,  I find the name of AT&T on the phone screen, and  I think It’s simply a matter of time before AT&T’s logo appears in the phone. The 9700 is very much like the 9520/9550 in terms of industrial design and gives us a glimpse at where RIM’s styling is headed for the next round of handsets. Things like soft-touch rubberized finish on the middle of the handsets with matching rubberized buttons (instead of chrome), darker chrome finishes, high gloss black — all these lead to more pronounced and edgier designs for a historically conservative corporation. Now Check more out with your own eyes, and let’s know how do you like it after seeing it.

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