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AT&T 3G femtocell upcoming next week

Posted in: AT&T Cell phone newsSeptember 18, 2009
AT&T 3G femtocell upcoming next week

AT&T 3G femtocell upcoming next week

As we known, AT&T has been busy testing phases the  3G femtocell throughout the summer, but there has been little infor about the microcell after last reporting. Finally today we are told that the 3G Microcell could be coming to AT&T in the next few days in selected markets. Sadly, AT&T doesn’t annouce the full list of markets. It is conformed that the Atlanta, San Antonio, Seattle and North Carolina are included in  the initial launch.

We think the femtocell should coming out by the end of this year. And this action will enhance the 3G coverage rate in homes with poor network.

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