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Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update finally arrived at AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III via Samsung Kies

Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update finally arrived at AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III via Samsung Kies

Update on January 17th: today the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for 聽AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III is available for download over the air.

As early as in the October, Samsung official said they will release the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update for the US version of Samsung Galaxy S III in the coming months, after so long time’s waiting, now the Jelly Bean Update finally arrived at AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III i747, however, the update was not pushed out via OTA the same as the Sprint and T-mobile Galaxy s3 android 4.1 update, it was sent out via聽Samsung Kies, it means that att galaxy s3 users have to manually download and install聽 the 4.1 Jelly Bean Update by connecting their device to a PC with a usb cable.

If you hasn’t tried to manually get the software update on your AT&T Galaxy S3 i747 phone, please follow the instructions below.


1: Please back up all the data(including pictures, videos, and contacts) on your handsets before starting the update, because this operation will wipe all the data saved on your phone.

2. Downloand and install the latest Usb driver of聽 AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III [Download here]on your PC.

3. Please make sure your device was fully charged.

Now, let’s start. You can follow the steps blow or from this link(

  1. Connect your device to your PC or laptop using the supplied USB cable.
  2. Ensure that Kies recognizes your device by looking in the upper section of the left-bar navigation menu. Your device should be listed.
  1. Once Kies recognizes the device you will see the following pop-up. Firmware versions shown will vary.
  1. Click Update.
  2. Read through the Caution pop-up and, if you agree, click to populate the I have read all of the above information checkbox.
  3. Read the Allow saving of information statement and select Allow saving or Proceed without saving and then click Start upgrade.
  4. Kies will begin downloading firmware upgrade components from Samsung servers. This will take a few minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection.
  5. After a few minutes, Kies will then begin transferring the firmware binary to the device.
  1. During the upgrade process, you will see the Android logo on your devices screen.
  1. After a few more minutes, the firmware upgrade will be completed.
    Versions shown will vary.
  1. Click OK. You can now disconnect your device from the PC. Once the device has rebooted it will be ready to use.

That’s all, now you can enjoy the new OS on your handset. If you have some problem while installing the update, leave them here, let’s discuss it together.


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